CGK Consulting Group


Website: Genre: Construction Description: CGK Consulting Group needed a website that would showcase their amazing skills, community outreach and portfolio of work. The website features lots of fun CSS Transitions and can easily expand using the CMS to fit all their needs in the future.

Pierce Home Watch


Website: Genre: Home Services Description: This was the first of two websites I did a redesign for Pierce Homes. Even though they recently had their site redesigned, the site still looked outdated. They wanted a clean, modern website that was easy to navigate, and that was exactly what I tried to do for them….

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Jam in the Van


Website: Genre: Interactive Music Site Description: Jam in the Van had their original site redesigned so they could include many new features. After signing up for the site, the user can stream, queue and download music. The bands page allows for the artists to be browsed by location, searched for, shown by staff picks,…

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What’s a Bounce Rate and How to Improve It


You may have heard the phrase “bounce” to mean that someone is leaving. Having a website bounce is something very similar meaning they have left your site after viewing only one page. This can be any page of your website. Having some type of monitor helps to identify your bounce rate, and often, which page…

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Eclipse CPR


Website: Genre: Healthcare Description: Eclipse CPR came to me looking for a new website design. Their old version was dated and difficult to navigate. The new site added a rotating banner and client testimonials all in a Content Management program that easily allows them to update their site. Old Site Design Click here to…

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3 Simple Rules for Choosing a Domain Name

choosing a  domain name

Having a proper domain name for your website is crucial for your website. Not sure what a domain name is? Then think of your domain name as a phone number, and your actual website as the person that picks up when you dial that number. Just like a phone number, having something short and easy…

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Could Your Site Design be Hurting Your Business?


When I first started learning HTML, a site called Geocities was popular. It was free to sign up (but had ads on the free version), and being young and poor, having a free personal website was great. I spent countless hours late at night editing the website code and adding items like blinking text and…

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M. Nicley Testimonial

I came across Brandon Bush when I was seeking professional help with starting a website blog. My computer knowledge is very limited and I had no idea how to start or maintain a blog site. Brandon was extremely patient and very supportive during the start up process. He promptly responded to my inquiries and took…

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Paragon Peak

paragon peak

Website: Genre: Commercial Services Description: Paragon Peak needed a redesign of their site both for being able to use Content Management to update their site, but to also add a less confusing navigation to their site. The redesign features a full background rotating image, a blog that displays recent articles on the home page,…

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Pierce Homes

pierce homes

Website: Genre: Real Estate & Construction Description: I was shocked when I first saw their site and was told it had just been designed, I thought it was over 10 years old. After I showed them the ideas I had for their new site, they were on board. In fact, they also wanted me…

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